This year, Cascadia Worship & Arts is offering pre-conference workshops on Friday, February 24, for those desiring an even fuller conference experience.

Both EarlyBird Workshops will be held from 1-3pm at University Presbyterian Church.

Creativity in the Commons
hosted by Coastland Commons

20160219-_KJF1585Humans are creatures made in the image of the Creator. Every human is both an expression of divine creativity and a divine agent of creativity. But how do we tap into that creative potential as a community? Can we endeavor towards a common creativity that simultaneously celebrates our cultural diversity while sparking the individual voice?  How can we bring our own raw creativity into partnership with trained artists in order to achieve an outcome that truly reflects the creative priesthood of all believers? This seminar will explore these questions through hands-on creative work in word and image. No preparation is needed other than your engagement during our time together. All artistic levels in any artistic medium are welcome and encouraged.

Cost: $40
Location: Geneva Room A, University Presbyterian Church



The Arts, the Bible, and Creative Ministry: An Introduction
hosted by Dr. Matthew Kaemingk

brushesDr. Matthew Kaemingk teaches theology, worship, and the arts at Fuller Theological Seminary. Matthew will lead an intimate pre-conference workshop exploring the role of the arts and creativity in scripture and ministry. This workshop will outline the critical role of creativity and imagination in the mission of church in the world. This workshop will provide an excellent introduction to the topic of worship, theology, and the arts.

Cost: $40
Location: Calvin Room, University Presbyterian Church